Hi, this is the informal community website – the dedicated Notton Parish Council website for official public participation purposes is at!

Here, registered users can publish anything and anyone can read it. The Parish Council website carries more formal information, announcements about events etc.

At least to start with, all ‘posts’ will be vetted by an administrator before publishing – hopefully an administrator/editor for each club, society or interest group will register – if only to link to Facebook groups or other websites.

The main part of the site shows ‘posts’ (most recent first) and ‘comments’.
On the right you can click:
– ‘pages’ for more traditional web page information on the subjects listed;
– search the website;
– browse posts in ‘categories’;
– browse posts back through monthly archives;
– register and login to post.
Anyone can register and submit a ‘post’ or ‘comment’.
Log in and use the email facility to ‘admin’ asking for more ‘rights’ if you want to publish ‘pages’.

After you have logged-in you will see the ‘dashboard’ from where you can publish and edit posts. If you want to comment on a post on the main page then click on the top left link to visit the site.

If you want to go back to the dashboard you will see the link on the right under ‘site admin’.

When uploading images, they need to be in .jpg, .gif or .png format and up to 1024 x 1024 pixels size. Click in the editing window where you want the image to appear before inserting in the draft. They can be positioned right, left or centre and have captions added before publishing.

If you want to attach a .pdf or Word document or similar click on the ‘add media’  next to ‘Upload/Insert’ above the editing window.

You can also attach/insert, sound/music or video clips but I haven’t tried this yet.


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  1. As Vice-Chair of the Parish Council I’d like to welcome the creation of this website and thank Colin Bryant for his hard work in setting it up. The website is a great way for residents to advertise events in the parish to the wider community and I’d encourage all parishioners to make use of it.

    A Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.

    Chris Pilkington

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